The BROOKIE COOKIE is a new cookie brand that started out as party favors at events and shortly became their own product. The BROOKIE COOKIE basically “looks like a cookie and tastes like a brownie”. The added bonus is that it is made in Brooklyn!

The BROOKIE COOKIE is an All Natural gourmet product, free of harsh additives and preservatives and is made from cage free eggs, unbleached un-bromated flour and has no food colorings or dyes. They need to be refrigerated after opening for best results and should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer until it is eaten. We currently sell online all over the United States at We have many satisfied customers and reviews listed on our website.

The flavors are “plain w/o nuts” which is smooth dark chocolate with chocolate chips, with “nuts” which has sliced almonds and pecans, pretzel crunch” which has a candied pretzel, and the “crème pie” which are two cookies with vanilla crème inside.

The ingredients include unbleached un-bromated flour, cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, soy bean oil, fructose corn syrup, 2% milk, chocolate liquor, butter, cage free eggs, vanilla extract, diglicerides, sodium and ammonium bicarbonate, yeast, wheat starch, almonds, pecans, salt and water. They are moist, rich and full of flavor!